Horigine has developed extensive expertise in some of the most essential modules SAP has to offer. This expertise enables you to take better control of your business processes. We help you tap into the full value of the following SAP solutions:

  • SAP Analytics



  • SAP MOBILE Analytics




Analytics is all about shining a light on the areas where your business wants optimum visibility. It’s about hearing the story the numbers tell, seeing the shape of things to come, honing the ability to foresee, growing the power to manage performance and driving it all with clarity.

Horigine understands Analytics in its many dimensions – be it BI, Predictive Analytics, Performance Management or Governance – and gives you the ability to improve the way you transact, operate, manage, strategize, respond and direct.

Discover the power of SAP Analytics, with Horigine’s expertise.

SAP ECC, or SAP ERP, as it is known now, is the enterprise core of SAP ERP 6.0. SAP ECC consists of modules that offer organizations great control over key business processes.

Modules include:

  SAP ERP Financials: A module that includes both financial accounting and management accounting. Together, these enable you to comply with global financial reportingstandards and generate insightful information

  SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM): A module that supports you in recruiting, on-boarding and administration of people, your ultimate asset.

  SAP ERP Operations: Helps you manage key activities including procurement and logistics, product development and manufacturing, and sales and service

In today’s business environment, customer centricity is arguably the most effective source of competitive advantage for enterprises. The three pillars of a customer-focused business are marketing, sales and customer service. Empower them with the most powerful CRM in an integrated architecture to delight customers and return satisfying metrics.

Horigine’s SAP CRM Expertise includes:

   Interaction Center
   Shared Services Framework
   Loyalty Management
   Trade Promotion Management
   IT Help Desk Scenario

When the power of analytics meets the accessibility of apps, you get a game changer. Put the power of analytics in the pocket and make your business even more agile, nimble and quick footed.

Horigine offers expertise to help your business leverage mobile analytics intelligently. We customize it for your unique roles and needs.

SAP PPM is the solution of choice for businesses that want to manage their enterprise portfolio, drive projects and optimize operations.

With its unmatched capabilities for portfolio, project and resource management, SAP PPM ensures the best deployment of resources, effective execution of projects and fullest optimization of portfolios for the enterprise’s priorities and view of risk.

Horigine’s SAP PPM Expertise includes:

   Project Management
   Resource and Portfolio Management
   Project Systems

Solution Manager – Your Central Point of Command and Control
Solution Manager is SAP’s complete toolbox for managing the different SAP modules you run and much more, with a high level of reliability and lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Solution Manager is where you bring it all together – your strategies, projects, IT environment, testing, deployment, support, troubleshooting, monitoring, reporting and improvement. Solution Manager delivers total integration of the solution and the power to optimize it for your business processes and infrastructure.

Horigine –your solution manager for the ALM
Sophisticated controls go hand in hand with powerful technologies. As your initiatives, projects and systems increase in numbers, you need the power of Solution Manager to control and drive the use of your packages. Importantly, to get the most from the technologies, you need to be skilled with using the controls. That is what Horigine brings to the table.
Horigine’s ALM/Solution Manager Expertise:

   ASAP and RunSAP Methodologies
   Implementation Projects
   Global Roll Outs
•   Best Practices Templates
   IT Solution Reporting
   Solution Manager Diagnostics
   Early Watch Alerts (EWA), Solution Monitoring
   Business Process Monitoring
   Service Level Reporting

Better manage your most valuable asset – your people – with support for recruiting, on-boarding, and administration to professional development and promotion.

   Improve workforce efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction
   Deliver best-in-class HR processes at the lowest possible cost
   Predict and plan for future workforce needs and demands
   Align corporate strategies with team and individual goals






Integrate your vendor interface with your SAP. Take all the interactions and transactions – orders, contracts, invoices, confirmations, reports and more - to the next level of automation and optimization. Seamlessly.

Horigine’s SAP-integrated Vendor Portal offering leverages experience with both vendor interfaces and the SAP range. This ensures you get technology that connects the two parts for desired results.

The world of SAP meets the world of apps with SAP Mobility. When you enable your business to leverage mobile, the results can be significant and even dramatic.

Horigine can audit your current status, assess your needs, design a program and execute it to ensure you tap the power of mobility effectively. Right from strategy to scope to apps that range from the simple to the complex, Horigine can give you a comprehensive solution. You’ll appreciate that business on the move, with SAP powering it, is business operating at a new level.

Vendor portals work best when vendors are comfortable using the portal.

User adoption of technology depends a great deal on the interface. Most vendors operate with the Microsoft ecosystem. That is why it is critical for your Vendor Portal to offer the Microsoft interface. This ensures your vendors experience a high degree of comfort and familiarity. This makes it more intuitive and allows portal users to find their way about the solution and to get their tasks done with greater ease.

Ultimately, this translates into a Vendor Portal that vendors use to the extent you need them to.

Technology scores only if technology is available when needed. Businesses are under pressure on various fronts and need cutting-edge capabilities in the shortest possible time.

At Horigine, we understand these imperatives. Our response is a set of Rapid Deployment offerings. Our approach to delivery ensures you get the solutions deployed much quicker than the traditional implementation and yet just as effectively.

Our Rapid Deployment offerings include:



   SAP Application Lifecycle Management





SAP can be a game-changer for the way you do business. That’s why you need a gameplan for all your SAP efforts. In other words, you need strategy that can deliver the results you want and also be flexible so you can respond to the fast pace of change in the business environment.

At Horigine, we have a well-developed capability to help you formulate business-driven SAP strategy that is solid and nimble.

Like the proverbial pudding, the proof of a good implementation liesin how it works.

However, you can’t leave it to chance and hope your implementation goes well. Any SAP implementation is too critical to leave to trial and error (an approach which often ensures one more story of an implementation gone wrong).

That’s where our extensive hands-on experience matters. We stay focused on the launch and work to:

   Put in place a core team with norms
   Build an implementation plan
   Identify potential challenges/roadblocks
   Prepare the infrastructure
   Ensure a strong kick-off
   Stick to processes
   Monitor real-time progress

Horigine offers expert trainers for SAP & its partners across the globe. We have been delivering successful trainings for SAP India, SAP Malaysia, SAP Australia, SAP New Zealand & SAP Education Partners spread across Europe and Asia.

Our training is delivered by practicing SAP consultants. With Horigine’spractical, outcome-driven and comprehensive training, you can:
   Enhance the understanding and skills of your project teams and end users
   Facilitate adoption and system use among different groups of your end users
   Improve employee productivity
   Optimize your IT investment
   Strengthen the capability of your business to leverage SAP

We offer training for the following requirements:
SAP Solution Manager
ASA380, SMI210, SMI310, SM100, SMI320, SM150, SM200, SMO10, E2E300, E2E400, E2E100
SAP PPM (Portfolio & Project Management)
PLM120, PLM510, PLM512, PLM550, PLM200, PLM210, PLM220, PLM230, PLM235
SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
TCRM10, TCRM20, CR100, CR300, CR410, CR500, CR580, CR600, CR700, CR900

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